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  • Q1What does the macro mean, does the mouse support macro settings?
    The so-called macro, is to make some orders together, as a separate command to complete a specific task. Application of the mouse on the performance of a button through the macro set after the integration of multiple keys function. Whether the mouse supports macro settings need to be described according to the product Clear judgment, set the macro generally need to go to the official website of the brand to download the corresponding driver can set up operation, the details of the relevant customer or view the product brochures.
  • Q2Some glowing mouse and keyboard why the computer shut down, the lights still lit?
    After some computer shutdown, the computer power supply will be provided for the motherboard 5V power supply, which is caused by computer shutdown, the mouse and keyboard lights will still light up the reasons. The phenomenon will not have any impact on the daily use of everyone, we do not mind. General closure Proceed as follows: 1. Press "DEL" at boot time (it is possible that other motherboards press other keys) to enter the "Power Management Setup" page of the BIOS main menu; 2. Find "S3 KD Wake-Up Function" or similar options (such as "Resume On KBC", "Resume On PS / 2 Mouse", etc.) 3. Set it to "Disable" to turn off the PS / 2 interface power supply; 4. Turn off the USB interface by setting "USB Wake-Up From S3" or a similar option to "Disable". PS: the user is recommended to compare the computer to help people set up.
  • Q3Mouse to light up, no response?
    Each mouse for the first time into the computer need 1-2 minutes to identify the mouse, only the successful identification of the mouse can be used, such as the prompt "can not identify" generally re-let the computer identification steps are as follows: First check the device manager above the driver is abnormal, try to click [my computer], and then find the [Device Manager] button, open the Device Manager window to find [Universal Serial Bus Controller]. Then drop the drop-down list above The question mark and the exclamation point of the option to drive off the uninstall, and then click on the scan to detect hardware changes, try to automatically install the driver.